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Our Menu

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steamed soy beans. $5.

seaweed salad

seaweed. soy sauce. sesame oil. $5.

baby octopus salad

chili ponzu. sesame oil. $5.

spicy sashimi salad

assorted raw fish. pear. cucumber. spicy home-made sauce. masago. $7.

avocado salad

scallion. fish egg. creamy miso dressing. masago. w/crab $5. w/fresh fish of the day $7.

cucumber pasta salad

julienne cucumber. fish eggs. creamy miso dressing. w/crab. $5. w/fresh fish of the day. $7.



mixed seafood. tomato salsa. spicy lime sauce. with tortilla chips. $7.

tiger eye

salmon. asparagus wraps. nori. squid. seared. $8.

sea scallops

raw sea scallop. mango salsa. black tobiko. spicy lime sauce. $7.

pink raw shrimp

raw sweet shrimp. red tobiko. mango salsa. spicy lime sauce. $7.

salmon carpaccio

thin-sliced salmon. jalapeño sauce. blacko topio. $7.

smoked salmon tataki

thin-sliced smoked salmon. jalapeño sauce. garlic ponzu sauce. black topico. $7.

larb salmon

salmon. tomato salsa. cucunber. spicy lime sauce. $7.

tuna tartare

tuna. tomato salsa. avocado. garlic ponzu sauce. tortilla chips. $8.

tuna tataki

seared tuna. garlic ponzu sauce. $8.

yellowtail & jalapeño

yellowtail. jalapeño. red topico. spicy lime sauce. $8.

the winner

sushi rice. unagi. tuna rose. avocado. jalapeño-based balsamic. winner of the morikami award. $12.

signature rolls

veggie j roll

avocado. asparagus. beet root. and kaiware. wrapped in cucumber. garlic ponzu sauce. no rice. $7.

naked roll

crab. cream cheese. fish roe. avocado. scallion. wrapped in cucumber. garlic ponzu sauce. no rice. $8.

sashimi roll

tuna. salmon. white fish. fish roe. asparagus. wrapped in cucumber. garlic ponzu sauce. no rice. $9.

kamikaze roll

spicy mixed fish. cucumber. avocado. red beet. crunchy potato. chili sauce. $7.

salmon lover

salmon. avocado. red beet. salmon-and-mango salsa. $7.

dream roll

shrimp tempura. avocado. wrapped in soy paper. spicy tuna. creamy jalapeño sauce. red beets. $8.

head hunter roll

asparagus. cucumber. avocado. bbq eel. eel sauce. $7.

crazy monkey roll

smoked salmon. cream cheese. avocado. crunchy potato. red beet. mango tobiko sauce. eel sauce. $7.

crunchy salsa roll

crunchy and spicy mixed fish. avocado. mango salsa. $8.

rainbow roll

crab and cucumber. avocado. fresh sliced fish. $7.

volcano roll

crab mix. volcano sauce. baked on a california roll. crunchy potato. red beet. eel sauce. $6.

del ray roll

spicy tuna. avocado. tuna. jalapeño. spicy mayo. eel sauce. red beet. $7.

pt roll

shrimp tempura. crunchy potato. spicy tuna. cucumber. seared tuna. avocado. eel sauce. carpaccio sauce. $7.

after rain roll

tuna. salmon. white fish. asparagus. avocado. wrapped in soy paper. jalapeño creamy sauce. $7.

scallop sunlight

spicy tuna. avocado. sea scallops. kiwi. mango tobigo sauce. red beet. $8.

japanese sandwiches

spicy tuna. avocado. cucumber. jalapeño. rice. red beet. mango topico sauce. $7.

leave it to the chef

sushi dinner

the chef's choice. 10 pieces of sushi. fresh fish of the day. $20.

sashimi dinner

the chef's choice. 14 pieces of sashimi. fresh fish of the day. $23.

chirashi bowl

assorted seafood. rice. $24.

bbq eel roll

broiled eel. tamago. cucumber. sushi rice. eel sauce. $17.


7 courses. chef's choice. $50.

the sushi bar

2312 mount vernon avenue | del ray | alexandria, va 22301